Try Paying a Merchant using the Payyus Mobile Payment App

Payyus Merchant Terminal

Steps to Reload

Step 1   Hit Reload on Customer Mobile, choose any card, choose any amount, type PIN of 12345ab, hit OK
Step 2   Customer amount available at merchant now shows full amount of the Reload plus any existing balance

Steps to Pay a Merchant

Step 1   On Merchant Terminal enter an Amount the Customer owes and Click Authorize Payment
Step 2   On the Customer Mobile choose Pay if you have enough money or ReLoad if you don’t
Step 3   Click the Scan button below:
Step 4   If prompted, enter PIN of 12345ab to approve.  Customers enter PIN/Pass every time they ReLoad
Step 5   Both the Phone and the Merchant Terminal now show the transaction results

Merchants – Contact us to learn how your brand can stick to your customer’s mobile, while you offer a rewards program that drives loyalty to your business.   Payyus eliminates 9 out of 10 payment card transaction fees and customers happily prepay you!

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